Spirit Unite is an idea born by spirit to help create more spirit groups, people just like you, in homes, in all areas. Put in contact with eachother by a free membership that offers an element of development. Which is also free, a  service of encouragement, and support for your groups development. All by experienced and qualified, mediums and spiritual healers. A net work such as this, your spiritual guides can use to make real spiritual connections. Connecting spiritual individuals, is the start of all good things.

Membership is free, just email or phone us to log your details of name, area, phone, email, spiritual interests, or abilities. Just send us an email, phone, or find our FACE BOOK page.

Why does this exist? Because many people cannot find a circle in which to the develop their mediumship. Or find sitters for their trance, or physical circle. Even just to meet up with others for spiritual friendship, or to learn meditation in a friendly small home circle.

Where are the circles and groups? Meeting up in a home environment is spiritual, as they often are small gatherings, and warmly welcoming. Sometimes it is not easy to join an established group, or create friendships in large meeting halls. 

Security and details, are not available to anyone else, but safe on our Spirit Unite data base. No one can see your details, we will only conntact you via an email, or phone number of your choice. This is based on trust, and actually works if you wish to progress in mediumship in particular. The home of mediumship development is, within home circles. We will let you know if there is someone in your area who wishes to find a group, or run a group. This is not for business, just helping people meet people. Many home circles make no charge.

Encouragement and support is available to all our   SPIRIT UNITE members. There is email or facebook support for your group, even development enquires if you need. We do not encourage individuals or beginners, to try, learn, or develop, mediumship or spirit connection alone. Many of the members are mediums, developing mediums, and qualified spiritual healers, and have placed their details down to offer help to you. Their support is free, but respectfully that does not include readings, sittings, or messages.

Advertise your group or circles services, if you have developed your group via Spirit Unite, and would like to offer free services of healing or meditation, we are happy to place your group details on this website. Respectfully your insurance, and qualifications details will be asked for.


Angel Blessings to you Estelle