Hello and Welcome to my website, most of my work is here on the Isle Of Wight where I live with my husband, and animals.

Sittings: You are welcome to telephone me to make enquires of private one to one sittings. I enjoy sharing my ability of mediumship, and prefer to work in this way. So if you are interesting in hearing from your loved one in the spirit world, please feel free to give me a telephone call. There is a flat rate charge of £40.

Psychic Art: When you come for a sitting with me, you are welcome to browse through my most recent spirit portraits, as I may have drawn a spirit drawing of someone you know. I'm not a great artist, but you are most welcome to keep the picture as a gift. Spirituality is creative, you may have heard it called spiritual portraits.


Workshops & Circles: If you are interested in workshops, then please do leave your name, details, and your spiritual interests, as I would contact you for our one day classes, or weekend workshops, when they are organsied.

Circles and development workshops are often being run on the island. The one day workshops are full of warm encouagement and learning joy, and cost £25. Please feel free to phone or send an email.
It is a great way to meet like minded people.

Books Available: Amazon Ebooks As you see on my first page, I have written and books published books electronically, ready for you to download to your phone, pad, or laptop. The app to down load, is free to any reading device. 

Clairvoyance Meetings: When there is a date for a clairvoyance meeting, there will be  notification on this website, and in the local paper, Isle Of Wight Country Press.

Thank you for reading. Angel Blessings to you!