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A recipe for success channelled for every day of 2017

This is not prediction, this is being guided every day by your guardian angel.

There is a formula, and it is as simple as choosing a number each day. Once you begin to work with this formula, you become more in sync with your guardian angel, and choose the correct number for your day.

Each number shares the energy of that day. Within your own heart, situations, and even other people. Knowing, is a recipe for success. Knowing what to expect, is better than interpreting your own angel card. Success is as simple as, choosing a number, and receiving a message from your guardian Angel. 

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My Quest For Wings is a
true story.

John Francis Webster DFC with bar & DSO

This WW2 A1 fighter pilot and instructor,  tells in his own words of his death defying escapades,
details of flying different planes,
and shares his rise to become an officer, and fighter pilot and A1 instructor.

He was in the AAF and RAF  In one of his squadrons, their escapades were famously made into a film, The Gestapo Hunters.
In this mini autobiography of his flying carreer, you gain a real sense of the man, behind the medals, and his Quest For Wings.

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There is both terror and wisdom weaved throughout this dark fable. Far from being a fairy tale, this touches upon the dark side of human nature, and what aspects await in the astrels of lessons that must be learnt. 

Those who read the first book, The Plan Of The Highest Will, may remember a mention of spiritual events called, The Dew Of The Lotus, The Hurt That Forgave, The Child Who Existed As A Memory, and The Minute Of Ones Own Need. They each are stories in their own right, characters suffering the
terrors of the, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual levels of self.


Ashier journies by their side experiencing their pathway, watching and aiding them, yet little realising, that he, himself is upon a pathway, and is playing out a part within, The Plan Of The Highest Will. 


What Elder Said

What Elder Said contains short examples of truth for your journey of self and spiritutal discovery. Aspects of inner and outer self.

The Plan Of The Highest Will

Poetical in style, to draw you into a space of unknown time. This is the first in a series of three, with a young boy journeying through the astrels, changing to experience being an aspect of the four elements, to obtain greater spiritual aspects of his soul.

The White Cotton Glove

A short story of  Peter and Jenny, two children in the 1930's and how Jenny discovers and learns about angels. To help the angels heal a heartbroken  situation she finds herself in.  Suitable for ages 7yrs up.

Short Dictionary

What Spirit Said is a collection of communications from spirit in the form of symbols, on the the varied aspects of life and spiritual growth.

This little ebook will show you how spirit communicate in our dreams and thoughts. Its simple with an easy instruction on developing an intuitive communication with your inner spirit, spirit guide or angel.

Selection Of Poems

Poetry simple in style and on varied subjects of Death, Loss, Spirits, Spiritual Growth, Meditation and Love.

Written heartfelt and sincere, able to bring comfort and understanding of lifes most challenging trials.


Selected Poems

This being the largest selection of poetry by the author, covers a varied subjects on life. From joy to Grief, poems are expression of both experience and view points on spiritual and lifes aspects.